Changelog of botogram 0.4.x

Here you can find all the changes in the botogram 0.4.x releases.

botogram 0.4

Alpha release, not yet released.

botogram 0.4 is the fourth alpha release of botogram. It adds support for buttons and a few new APIs added in the meantime by Telegram. It also includes big performance improvements and a few deprecations to keep the API clean.

New features

Performance improvements

  • botogram now tries to reuse existing connections to Telegram when possible

Bug fixes

  • Fix inability to fetch updates and stop the runner after an internet connection outage.
  • Fix botogram.Message.forward_from giving wrong information with signed channel posts (issue 80)

Deprecated features

Deprecated features will be removed in botogram 1.0!

  • The extra attribute on all the send methods is now deprecated