Changelog of botogram 0.4.x

Here you can find all the changes in the botogram 0.4.x releases.

botogram 0.4.1

Alpha release, not yet released.

Release description not yet written.

Bug fixes

  • Accounts deleted by inactivity incorrectly raised an APIError instead of a ChatUnavailableError

botogram 0.4

Alpha release, not yet released.

botogram 0.4 is the fourth alpha release of botogram. It adds support for buttons and a few new APIs added in the meantime by Telegram. It also includes big performance improvements and a few deprecations to keep the API clean.

New features

Performance improvements

  • botogram now tries to reuse existing connections to Telegram when possible

Bug fixes

  • Fix inability to fetch updates and stop the runner after an internet connection outage.
  • Fix botogram.Message.forward_from giving wrong information with signed channel posts (issue 80)

Deprecated features

Deprecated features will be removed in botogram 1.0!

  • The extra attribute on all the send methods is now deprecated