Tips and tricks

The whole point of botogram is to make your life easier when creating Telegram bots. In order to do so in a better way, there are some tricks you can use to speed the development up.

Rich formatting with message syntaxes

Plain text messages can be boring for your users, and also hard to read if those messages are full with information. Because of that, Telegram allows bots to use rich formatting in their messages. Currently Telegram only supports a subset of Markdown and HTML.

In order to use rich formatting in your messages you don’t need to do anything: botogram is smart enough to detect when a message uses rich formatting as well as which syntax is used. If for whatever reason that detection fails, you can specify the syntax you’re using by providing it to the syntax parameter of the send() method:

chat.send("*This is Markdown!*", syntax="markdown")

That parameter accepts the following values:

  • markdown, or its aliases md and Markdown
  • html, or its alias HTML

Also, if you don’t want to use any rich formatting but the detector spots something, you can disable it providing the special syntax plain to it:

chat.send("*I don't want this to be detected*", syntax="plain")


Support for rich formatting depends on your users’ Telegram client. All official clients are supported, where unofficial clients may not support all or any rich formatting syntax.